Giant house VR is an educational game made for my studies at DAE - Howest during a 10 week period. Made by a team of programmers from the major Game Development and artists from the major Game Graphics Production.

I was the scrum master + project leader on this project.


Giant House VR is a house exploration game where you play trough the eyes of a child. Where you can interact with hazards which will sometimes start mini-games or they will just hurt your character. The game was made as an educational tool for a outside product owner. The game should teach new parents the dangerous that exist in a house.


My Additions:

  • Player Movement (Teleportation System) | C++

  • Player Interaction System (interactables) | C++

  • Spline based teleportation Area | C++

  • Objective Book (Functionality + Language System) | Blueprints

  • Door & Drawer using hand made physics | C++

  • Whack-A-Mole mini-game | Blueprints

  • Rhythm mini-game | Blueprints

  • Pill mini-game | Blueprints

  • Interactable hazards | Blueprints


Programming: SMEKENS Robin, Jihad Bouhaiji
Art: Robbe Vlaeminck, Rafael Siles, Rocio Barrero Lozano


  • Unreal Engine 4.21

  • Visual Studio

  • Photoshop

  • 3Ds Max

  • Maya

  • ZBrush

  • Audacity